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Find out how to get your first professional CUSTOMER ATTRACTING VIDEO for FREE!

Nothing says "High Value," "Worth the Money," and "I want this!" better than video. Absolutely nothing.

Today, your prospects and customers are watching video to make buying decisions. If you're not producing good videos, you're losing your edge little by little, day by day.

The problem is professional quality video has always been expensive. Only big companies can afford it.

But not anymore. We've cracked the video creation code. And that's great news for you. Informargin will help your company grow by creating affordable, high quality, lead generating video.

Production  - Branding Spots - Communications - Event Production - Personalized Video

Product Descriptions - Case Studies - Recommendations - Referrals - Strategic Introductions

** Subject to qualifications and company objectives and availability. Offer is limited. We reserve the right to refuse for undisclosed reasons. Does not include on site photography or videography. 

1388 - Video

Creative Services - Digital Persuasion

What would your life be like if you could create marketing materials that would capture the attention of your best prospects, almost effortlessly? That is Magneflix. We design video marketing pieces that integrate psychology with cutting edge digital platforms all designed to increase your value, and your margins. 

1395 - Director Chair

Our Studios - Simple and Efficient

Magneflix is committed to helping you launch your marketing directly into the digital age. Immediately. We won't need to charge large retainers and tie up weeks in planning to get amazing results for you. That's because we partner with the best and brightest video creators in the world. Together, we can pull off amazing quality in a fraction of the time, and an fraction of the cost of the typical studio. 

1396 - 3D glasses

Video Strategy - Profitable Attention

You want to stand out. You want to command attention. You want to be perceived as a high valued leader in your industry. You know that professional video is the way to go, but you also know that today's typical studios carry high overhead to impress you. We're not trying to serve Fortune 50 companies, or Hollywood. We just want to help you compete with them.

1392 - Clapperboard

Pre-Production - Hassle Free

Pre-production is crucial and determines the direction your idea will move. But, hey. there's no reason to make it a problem. Our team of experts has so much experience with so many frameworks and styles that it makes it fun and energizing to gather pre-production raw materials. Another thing: we won't need to waste hours in your office or in the studio time to get 30 seconds you can use. 

1393 - Video Camera I

Production - Efficient and Quality

We work with a fantastic team of producers who are among the best in North America. They've created award winning commercials, photo montages, marketing presentations, and other appealing delights since the 1980s. Best of all, you'll get to leverage their knowledge of what works and what doesn't. (This is important.) 

1404 - Volume Control

Post-Production - On Time, On Budget

Now you're ready for the final assembly. Post-production can require hours of hard work. It can involve engineers, audio/video specialists, mixing board operators, writers, and directors trying to agree about the final presentation. That can get expensive. Rather than dealing with opinions and preferences of artists, we prefer to follow the date. We don't want awards. We want results. (and so do you.) 


We're Creating a Revolution

 Here's what we know to be true. 

  • You only have 3 seconds to grab the attention of your prospects.
  • You are living in the Digital Age; so is your business.
  • 20th Century sales and marketing practices are obsolete.
  • Video marketers will outsell you.
  • Website SEO is tied to visitor time on site (videos #1) and how often your site is updated.
  • Your social media is almost uselessly ineffective at getting customers.
  • Your larger competitors have a competitive advantage.
  • You need access to more customers without more work. 
  • You need bigger fees for the products and services you sell.
  • Digital participation has been cost prohibitive. (This is probably why you've not done much with it.)

Not anymore: Magneflix Delivers Quality Digital Video - Affordably.


Here are some examples the type of videos we can create for you...